At Countryside, we recognize you have choices for your pet's health care.  We began in 1993 with a set of ideas about what the most modern and complete pet health care facility should look like.  We continue to evolve to stay on the leading edge of the industry and keep up with our founding set of principles.  We believe these ideas and our approach to practice set us apart in the industry and will give you plenty of reason to make us your choice for all of your pet's healthcare needs.


Countryside offers on-demand digital radiology and diagnostic ultrasound imaging right in our clinic with our own Veterinarians.  This allows our patients to have the very latest and most thorough imaging without the wait for specialists or higher fees associated with specialty referrals.  And like the digital radiographs (x-rays) the ultrasound images are captured digitally and made part of your pet's electronic medical record. 


As in-house diagnostic testing has advanced, we have kept up with the latest hardware and software advances.  This provides your pet with the latest in on-demand diagnostic testing.  We also maintain a robust relationship with our out-of-clinic laboratory ensuring the most comprehensive, efficient and cost effective diagnostic service possible.


The quality of your pet's healthcare experience depends first and foremost on our people.  We are very proud of our doctors, Owner Dr. Massucco, Dr. Cygan, Dr. Olson and Dr. Sykes.  Dr. Massucco founded the clinic and has been practicing veterinary medicine for 27 years.  Dr. Cygan and Dr. Olson have been at the clinic for 12 and 10 years respectively.  Dr. Sykes is beginning his third year with our practice but has been practicing for over 20 years. Together our experience and close working relationships allow a unique range of pet health care services from routine annual check-ups to preventative medicine and surgery.  We perform advanced procedures including various chemotherapies, dentistry and oral surgery to abdominal surgeries including foreign body removal and splenectomies.  We also perform canine cruciate ligament repairs (ACL/CCL repairs) and various fracture repair procedures.  Rarely is there a time that pet health care services are needed and not offered by our facility.  If that time was to occur, we have plenty of options to discuss and remain fully engaged during possibly difficult times to navigate.

We have surrounded our doctors by a talented and caring staff.  We emphasize communication and education as part of the working experience for our Veterinary Technicians and Assistants.  Many of our former staff members have gone on to veterinary school, further licensing and certifications or to bigger positions at larger specialty hospitals.  We are proud to advance the knowledge and skills of our staff.  We emphasize listening skills and a desire to serve and provide the level of care and service expected for our patients.  We hope you will call and make an appointment to see what makes us different.  Come and experience the range of care and services we have been offering since 1993.


Dr. Bart Massucco Jr. grew up on the coast of Maine and has had a love for horses since he was a young child.  That love for horses grew into an overwhelming desire to be a veterinarian.  He majored in Biochemistry at Dartmouth College and graduated from Tufts University with a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Massucco started Countryside in 1994 as the only doctor and one technician.  Countryside now has four veterinarians and seven assistants and technicians. In his spare time he enjoys riding horses on his family farm, sailing, swimming and spending time with his wife, three children and many rescue pets.

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Full-service Veterinary Clinic serving Wrentham, Norfolk, Foxboro, Franklin, North Attleboro, Attleboro, Blackstone, Cumberland RI, Woonsocket RI and other surrounding towns.  Conveniently located off of Exit 15, Route 495 near the Wrentham Outlets.



Dental diseases in dogs and cats is quite common. Over 80 percent of dogs & cats have some form of dental disease at a young age.  Pet dental disease has serious consequences, so maintaining good pet dental care is very important.

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